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Forgotten or unused bank accounts
Forgotten stocks, bonds, dividends, interest and mutual funds
Pension funds from former employers
Safe Deposit box contents
State tax refunds
IRS refunds
Escrow accounts

Equity Accelerators Services
At Equity Accelerators LLC, we take care to provide our customers high quality services.  

We locate our unclaimed funds from various sources such as
​Often the owner of the funds will move and the mail will never reach them.  The funds can remain in some accounts for years without the rightful owner ever being aware that they have never received the money they are legally entitled to.  Sometimes the rightful owner will pass away and the funds never get to the heirs.  We will be glad to forward the required documentation to you to help you get the funds that rightfully belong to you.

We will need an Agreement from you and a document that is required to be notarized, so that we can get the money to you.  Please see the attached forms for you to sign and return to us, so that we may proceed.